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Mega Lashes Mascara

Mega Lashes Mascara  Dermacol San Francisco
Mega Lashes Mascara  Dermacol San Francisco



A Waterproof Mascara For Super Volume With A Panoramic Effect.

Mega Lash Mascara adds super volume with panoramic effects to your eyelashes; it perfectly contours and combs them. Its extra-resistant and completely-adhesive texture individually cover your eyelashes, adding volume and fullness.

Volumizing brush applies the optimal quantity of pigment onto your eyelashes and precisely separates them from each other. Natural waxes and special film-forming substances shape your eyelashes, making them look thick. The mascara stays on for long hours. Intense black pigments add a distinctive color.

The mascara does not stick your eyelashes together and does not flake off.



    • Intense black color
    • Volumizing brush for beautifully thick and combed eyelashes
    • Paraben-free
    • Ophthalmologically tested - also suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens users
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      HOW TO'S

      • Beautifully contoured and combed eyelashes.
      • Use the wand horizontally and move it from the roots towards the ends of your eyelashes so that the color is applied throughout their length. Repeat until you reach the desired volume.