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Creamy Oxydant




Creamy Oxydant For Bleaching And Oxidative Color Treatments Of The Hair

Dermacol Creamy Oxydant is a developer formulated for use with Dermacol Professional Hair Color. It contains high-quality active substance (jojoba oil) for rich care. The ratio of Dermacol Professional Hair Color to Dermacol Creamy Oxydant is 1:1 or 1:2.

Creamy Oxydant is for bleaching and oxidative color treatments of the hair.

Professional coloration concept – Products designed especially for Hair salons. Developed and tested in cooperation with professionals and a leading manufacturer of hair dyes.

Volume / Weight: 60 ml



  • Jojoba Oil



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  • Beautiful, brilliant and healthy looking hair without gray hair. 
  • Dermacol Professional Hair Colors in application with Dermacol Creamy Oxydant will provide your hair with an intensive & brilliant look, long-lasting color results, and 100% coverage.
  • For professional use only. Mix 60ml of Dermacol Hair Color with 60ml of Dermacol Creamy Oxydant in a ratio 1:1, using a non-metallic bowl. Add twice the amount of Dermacol Creamy Oxydant to the Dermacol Hair Color for intensive lightening (twelfth series).

  • Dermacol Creamy Oxydant should be added only immediately before the color treatment. Choose the Dermacol Creamy Oxydant concentration according to the degree of covering or lightening desired.  

  • After the reaction time, emulsify mixture with some water and rinse thoroughly. Then wash hair carefully with shampoo. Finish treatment with conditioner for neutralization and hair care. A detailed application plan for coloration of your hairs is described in the Instruction leaflet inside product folder. Follow carefully instructions for use.