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Dermacol foundation is specially formulated to give you the flawless skin of your dreams. Find your perfect skin by shopping our line of professional-quality face makeup. Each of these products features different benefits depending on your skin type and the look you'd like to achieve. Choose a full coverage foundation for times when you'd like to cover every imperfection while correcting your skin tone. Waterproof foundation is an excellent choice for any day that you anticipate rain or other moisture that may melt other makeup. We also offer lighter foundations that are designed for days when you'd like a more natural, less made-up look. These semi-sheer formulas offer a velvety finish and less pigmentation as well as smooth textures that don't feel heavy on your skin.
Full coverage foundation is ideal for makeup artists and anyone who would like to cover up problem skin. Shop the world's number one full coverage foundation with our Dermacol Makeup Cover. This best-selling foundation contains 50 percent pigmentation and provides extreme coverage. It is commonly used to cover acne, scars and even tattoos. The hypoallergenic formula is waterproof and features SPF 30 sun protection. If you need help choosing a shade, feel free to contact our expert customer service staff. If you're a makeup artist, try our Makeup Cover 5 Mini Best-Selling set, which contains our five most popular shades. If you'd prefer a foundation that moisturizes your skin while it evens the tone, try our Caviar Long-Stay Makeup and Corrector. Our Wake and Make Up foundation instantly brightens dull and tired skin.
If oily skin is a problem for you, keep your face matte all day with our Matt Control Makeup. Get two products in one and be social media-ready with our Selfie Makeup 2-in-1 Primer and Foundation. If you'd rather choose a lighter foundation with more natural-looking coverage, try out our BB Magic Beauty Cream 8-in-1 or our Noblesse Fusion Makeup Invisible Foundation. The BB Cream nourishes and moisturizes skin while evening your skin tone in a natural way. Noblesse Fusion foundation is a fine liquid made up of hydrating oils that provide a lovely matte finish to your skin. Get a foundation and powder in one product with our Wet and Dry Powder Foundation, which applies differently depending on whether or not you add water. Finally, cover and treat acne prone skin with our Acne Cover Makeup and Corrector. Rest assured that each product is authentic as we are an authorized Dermacol retailer.