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Princess Cream




Nourishing Cream

The nourishing cream protects your skin against harsh environmental influences (changes in temperature, wind, air pollution) that make your skin even drier and weaker. It contains vitamin E, which increases your skin’s ability to retain water thus preventing it from drying out. Seaweed extracts firm your skin and contribute to your skin’s regeneration.

The cream has a rich texture and provides immediate relief from the unpleasant feeling of dry, tight and irritated skin.

Skin type: Dry skin



  • Hypoallergenic
  • Seaweed extracts
  • Vitamin E



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Your skin will feel softer, more supple and elastic after the first use! Regular use will return your skin to its natural, youthful and beautiful look.

Apply in the morning or in the evening to completely cleansed skin. Spread evenly using circular motions from the middle to the sides of your face. For skin cleansing, we recommend using the Face&Eyes Gentle Milk and Face&Eyes Gentle Lotion.