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Eye Shadow Base




The pleasant creamy texture mattifies the area around your eyes and prepares it for the application of eye shadow. It provides long-term fixation of eye shadows and visibly extends the duration of your perfect eye make-up. It increases the adherence of eye shadow to your skin and keeps it in place for an infinitely long period of time. Avoids eye shadow caking in the eye crease. The light silicone texture smoothes your eyelids, fills in wrinkles and minimizes their visibility. Makes the skin of your eyelids softer. Enhances the color intensity of your eye shadows that become brighter and more pronounced.

Coverage: Transparent



  • oil-free
  • enhances the color intensity of your eye shadow



Coming Soon



  • Mortified and fine skin prepared for the application of eye shadows. The eye shadow will not cake in the crease.
  • Apply the base onto your eyelid using the applicator or the tips of your fingers and spread evenly. Just a small amount is enough. Let dry and then apply your eye shadow.