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Volume Mania Mascara

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This mascara provides extraordinary volume and length to your eyelashes. It perfectly adherent creamy texture based on waxes and polymers covers one eyelash after another, beautifully contouring and combing them.

The unique ergonomic brush precisely separates the eyelashes from one another and provides the required amount of thickness and fullness. The mascara is ideal for short eyelashes. Intense black pigments add a distinct color to your eyelashes.

Ophthalmologically tested, does not contain parabens and is suitable for contact lens users.



      • Intense black color
      • Volumizing brush for beautifully thick and combed eyelashes
      • Paraben-free
      • Ophthalmologically tested - also suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens users.



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      HOW TO'S

      • Beautifully contoured and combed eyelashes.
      • Hold the brush in a horizontal position and pull it tightly from the roots towards the tips of your eyelashes so that the color is applied across their entire length. Repeat until you reach the desired volume.