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Gold Elixir Rejuvenating Caviar Night Cream




As hormonal activity decreases, regeneration of the skin during the night slows down and the signs of aging become more visible. As a result, we wake up with creased skin, our face contours become slack and our facial expressions change.

That is why Dermacol Laboratories have developed special night care for very mature skin with caviar extract, which renews and regenerates the cellular structures of the skin and slows down the aging process during the night. The daffodil bulb extract smoothes deep wrinkles, firms your skin and enhances its elasticity. Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids nourish dry skin and contribute to the renewal of the skin barrier. The precious oils with shea butter soften your skin.

Skin type: For all skin types, recommended for regular use starting at age 50



    • Rejuvenating & anti-wrinkle effects
    • Hypoallergenic



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    HOW TO'S
    • In the morning, your skin will be firmer and more elastic. In addition, your complexion will be visibly smooth and radiant.
    • Apply in the evening onto completely cleansed skin and spread evenly.