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Body Care

Dermacol Products for the Body: From Oils to Sun Care
European beauty authority Dermacol has been creating skin-enhancing and beautifying products designed to help users achieve flawless skin for more than 50 years. In fact, it created one of the world's first full-coverage foundations and is thus synonymous with clear, radiant skin. The company's commitment to developing skin products that are evening, long-lasting and rejuvenating extends from its popular face products to this lineup of wonder-workers for the whole body.
If you're looking to capture the same full-coverage power of Dermacol face make-up but want to use it to cover up imperfections on the arms, legs or tummy, you'll appreciate Dermacol Perfect Body Make-Up. The smooth, covering formula beautifies and evens your skin tone while simultaneously adding a little color or tan. Use it to eliminate the appearance of cellulite, spider veins, age spots and more. Don't forget to try the Dermacol Aroma Ritual Stress Relief Oil if you're looking for indulgent body care products that help you unwind and provide your skin with natural stress-relievers like grape and lime.
Sun Care Products for Every Skin Type
Everyone's favorite Czech beauty line wouldn't be complete without the foundation of a solid skin care regimen - sunblock. Explore options like Water-Resistant Sun Cream offering SPF 50 protection and the Dermacol Sun Protection Collection that offers a lower SPF to help protect your skin from the damaging rays of the sun while still allowing you to achieve a sun-kissed glow. Make sure to always pair your Dermacol make-up with a layer of sun protection to keep your skin safe from burns, premature aging and irreversible sun damage.
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