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Angelash Mascara

Angelash Mascara  Dermacol San Francisco
Angelash Mascara  Dermacol San Francisco
Angelash Mascara  Dermacol San Francisco



Mascara For Exceptional Volume And Heavenly Long Eyelashes

Angelash Mascara uses three steps to provide an irresistible appearance. It adds volume, lengthens and curls your eyelashes to create an angelic, seductive look. Its fine creamy wax- and polymer-based texture perfectly wraps one eyelash after another. It adds thickness and fullness to each eyelash, perfectly curls them and provides great shape.

Your eyelashes will stay flexible and firm. It contains bamboo extracts for regeneration and moisturizing, Panthenol that protects and nourishes your eyelashes and beeswax for a fine and creamy texture that will make your eyelashes look great for many hours.

The volumizing brush will beautifully contour your eyelashes while combing and separating them one from another to allow for pigment application. The specially curved brush will wonderfully curl your eyelashes.


    • Exceptional volume and length
    • An immediate curling effect (tested in vivo)
    • Extra care with bamboo extracts, Panthenol, and beeswax.
    • Intensive black pigments
    • Paraben-free
    • Ophthalmologically tested - also suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens users



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    HOW TO'S
    • Wonderfully contoured and curled eyelashes with a bewitching volume and fullness. 
    • Hold the brush in a horizontal position and move it closely from the roots towards the tips of your eyelashes so that the color is applied across their entire length. Repeat until you reach the desired volume.