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Top 7 Makeup Artist Must-Have Products

Have you ever wished you could look inside a professional makeup artist’s kit? We’ve done the searching for you and compiled a list of makeup artist must-have products. By adding these products to your collection, you’ll have a complete makeup kit with versatile products. With a comprehensive kit, you can create an endless variety of flawless looks!

1. Dermacol Make-Up Sponge

The days of applying your makeup with several brushes are behind you! With the Make-Up Sponge from Dermacol, you can flawlessly apply liquid and cream makeup products. Your foundation will actually look like your skin because this sponge will easily blend it in for a natural-looking finish.

To use the Make-Up Sponge, soak it in water and wring out the excess. You should never use the sponge dry. Dab the damp sponge into whatever product you’re using and then onto your face. You can use the pointy end of the sponge for precise application such as covering blemishes and under eye circles with concealer. You can use the larger surface area of the sponge to apply your foundation quickly and efficiently.

With the Make-Up Sponge, your makeup will look natural on your skin. You can build your concealer and foundation up for as much or as little coverage as you want. You have more control over your application process, and you won’t see any streaks. In the end, your whole face will look smooth and flawless!

2. Dermacol Makeup Cover

You’ll never be able to achieve a flawless face of makeup without a high-quality foundation. Dermacol Makeup Cover is formulated with 50 percent pigmentation, making it an exceptionally high-coverage foundation. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to cover up large bruises, discoloration, acne scars, or even tattoos. Dermacol Makeup Cover will take away any remnants of imperfection, leaving you with a flawless-looking base for all your makeup. The finish is a beautiful velvety matte.

For ideal application, apply it with your fingers or a damp beauty sponge. Start with a small amount because the product builds up fast! If you’re wearing this product on a day where you don’t want full coverage, you can tone down the coverage by applying it in light layers. The coverage is buildable, so it’s easy to achieve just the right amount of coverage. This foundation is also great for all skin types: oily, dry, normal, or combination. It won’t dry out dry skin or slide away on oily skin. If you have sensitive skin, this product is a great option. It’s formulated to be hypoallergenic, so you’ll never have to worry about it breaking you out.

Professional makeup artists slip the Dermacol Makeup Cover into their complete makeup kits before heading off to fashion runways, photo shoots, and movie sets. It stays looking fabulous all day long and never looks cakey. The Dermacol Makeup Cover is even waterproof and contains SPF 30 to protect your skin from sun damage. It’s the perfect foundation to wear to the beach! Because this special formula is intended not only for your face but also your body, your skin tone will look even and perfected all the way down your neck if need be.

Not sure what shade will match your skin tone? No worries. Pick up the Mini Dermacol Makeup Cover Set to test out five of best-selling shades. Test them all out or blend them to discover what Dermacol Makeup Cover shade is your perfect match. The full range of Dermacol Makeup Cover features 19 shades. There’s a color for every skin tone and every undertone!

3. Dermacol Invisible Fixing Powder

After applying your complexion products, you need a powder to ensure that sweat and oil won’t eat your makeup away. Dermacol Invisible Fixing Powder will absorb any extra oil, so you never look greasy or shiny. It gives your makeup a velvety smooth finish. You’ll look airbrushed in photos without using a filter!

Unlike some other loose powders that fly everywhere when you try to use them, this one is easy to control. It comes with a powder puff and pad to help you apply the powder in light, manageable layers. You can also use a fluffy powder brush if you’d prefer. This is also a great product because if you need to touch up later in the day, you can do so easily. Just brush on a small amount in any places where you’re worried about excess oil.

This powder is intended to be used on all skin types, no matter if you’re oily or dry. It works with your skin to enhance your natural beauty! It also comes in four shades: natural, light, white, and banana. If you want some extra coverage over blemishes, this product offers it without ever making you look cakey. You’ll barely notice it’s there! Like all Dermacol products, this fixing powder is certified cruelty-free, gluten-free, and vegan, making it guilt-free for you!

4. Dermacol Ultra Black Dipliner

If you’re looking for a high-intensity eyeliner, try Dermacol’s Ultra Black Dipliner. Unlike other eyeliners that are dull and lack pigmentation, this eyeliner is a rich, long-lasting black. It’s even waterproof! If your eye area is sensitive and you’re prone to allergies, the Ultra Black DIpliner is perfect for you! It won’t ever irritate your eyes, and it works well for contact lens wearers.

This liner dries down quickly, so it will never smear. It brings immediate attention to your eyes. They’ll look bigger and more awake. If you’re in the mood for winged eyeliner, the Ultra Black Dipliner is perfect. The smooth, precise applicator makes drawing on two perfect wings a cinch. 

5. Dermacol Anglelash Mascara

If your lashes struggle with holding a curl, reach for the Anglelash Mascara from Dermacol. The curved wand will keep your lashes looking voluminous, long, and curled all day long! Because of the bamboo extracts in the formula, this mascara helps re-grow and moisturize your lashes. The mascara also has beeswax to help it maintain its creamy consistency. The formula is also highly pigmented to give your eyes a dramatic look!

You’ll never have to worry about your lashes clumping together when you’re using Anglelash. This mascara separates your individual lashes, so they always look their best. The wand is perfect at evenly coating each lash. With the combination of the Ultra Black Dipliner and the Anglelash Mascara, your eyes will get all the attention!

6. Dermacol Bronzing Beauty Powder Pearls

The next on our list of makeup artist must-have products is a bronzer. Use these Bronzing Beauty Powder Pearls from Dermacol to bring a natural-looking bronze glow to your skin. Their light texture adds pigment to your face but never clogs your pores. You’ll end up with a tan without ever spending time in the sun.

These pearls are multicolored. When they combine, the result is a bronzer that’s never too harsh. Although you may be unfamiliar with powdered products in pearl form, the unique shape actually makes this bronzer even better! One swirl of a powder brush is enough to pick up all the product you need. Brush the bronzer on the top of your forehead and the edges around your face. Bring it down to your neck, if necessary, to even out the color of your neck and face. If you have extra fat under your chin you’d like to conceal, apply some bronzer there. It will disguise the area and make you look slimmer.

7. Dermacol 2-in-1 16H Lip Color and Gloss

No complete makeup kit is truly complete without a good lip product. But should you wear a richly pigmented lipstick or a high-shine gloss? Why choose when you can have both with the 2-in-1 16H Lip Color and Gloss from Dermacol! Use the color phase side of this dual-ended lip product to get the richly-pigmented lip color that dries down fast and stays looking fabulous for 16 hours—a full day of wear! You get intense color pay-off that provides excellent lip coverage with every application.

The other end of the lip product contains a creamy gloss that will leave your lips feeling soft and looking shiny! This lip gloss is formulated with natural oils, beeswax, and Vitamin E to keep your lips healthy and looking their very best.

This lip duo comes in 11 beautiful shades including subtle nudes, soft pinks, and bold reds! Both lip products slide on easily with a doe-foot applicator. This product is perfect to take on-the-go for any touch-ups you need later in the day.

With these makeup artist must-have products in your kit, you’ll be unstoppable! Whether you’re a pro or not, these products will give you all the confidence you need to create any makeup look you could think of. Every look will be stunning and long-lasting!

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