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The Best Foundation for Full Coverage

The Best Foundation for Full Coverage

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The Best Full-Coverage Foundation? Yes, Please!

Finding the best full-coverage liquid foundation for your skin type, skin color and level of coverage is no easy task. In fact, with the thousands of products on the market today all vying for your business, choosing the right product (or products) can be downright overwhelming. At Dermacol SF, we’ve made it easy for you to find the best full-coverage foundation. We offer many shade ranges as well as product and coverage options that provide the best foundation for full coverage. We make it easy for you to find your holy grail makeup combo to help you achieve your very best makeup days — ever!

Welcome to Dermacol SF 

If you’re looking for full-coverage foundation and unbeatable coverage, you’ve come to the right place. Our award-winning foundations, correctors, illuminators, primers and powders all have an enthusiastic thumbs-up by thousands of our amazing customers, so you can purchase with confidence from Dermacol SF. 

However, finding the best full-coverage foundation is only half the battle. Full-coverage foundation can be your best friend or worst enemy. When applied correctly, it will cover a multitude of problems, helping you achieve an enviable, flawless look. Alternatively, when it is applied incorrectly, it can accentuate imperfections and blemishes — exactly the problem areas that you’re using the full-coverage foundation to fix. Follow these tips on how to apply liquid foundation and never have a bad makeup day ever again.

Pick the Right Shade

At Dermacol SF, we’ve made it easy for you to pick the right shade of full-coverage foundation. Our Dermacol Make Up Coveris available in dozens of shades — from fair to deep. Click on the shade range that best describes your skin tone and choose the color that is ideal for you to create your very best, most natural look. Our Make Up Coveris made for all skin types, hypoallergenic, preservative-free and has SPF 30 for ultra-protection. This waterproof foundation is one of our best-sellers and offers fool-proof coverage that lasts all day.

So, exactly how do you pick the right shade? The best foundation color for you is one that matches your jawline; your jawline is the best indicator of your skin color as well as its undertones (yellow, pink or neutral). Take care not to choose a shade that is too light: A foundation shade that is too light will look unnatural and may cast a sickly tone on your skin that can leave onlookers silently wondering about the state of your health — not a thought you want your foundation to incite, for sure. On the other hand, don’t go too dark: A shade that is too dark can look muddy on your skin and even age you (none of us want that!). What if you’re somewhere in between two shades? No problem! Sometimes, a custom shade that perfectly matches your skin can be made from mixing two shades together — this trick has been practiced for years by professional makeup artists and is a sure-fire way of creating a shade that is uniquely yours.

Use the Right Tools

In the same way an artist wouldn’t dream of creating a work of art without the proper equipment, it is necessary to assess your tools, brushes and primers to ensure that you have everything you need to create a flawless masterpiece. Even the best foundation requires a healthy, primed surface to perform its best. With everything we know about the sun, SPF is a no-brainer and should be applied every day to all sun-exposed areas for healthy aging. Moisturizers keep your skin supple and soft. Primers not only help makeup glide on like a dream, they keep your makeup in place for the long haul. Our Satin Make Up Baseprovides a smooth, dreamy surface that virtually erases wrinkles, fine lines and pores. This hypoallergenic primer is perfect for any type of skin and provides transparent benefits that you won’t be able to live without! 

For thorough, natural coverage, consider some of the newest and best foundation brushes and applicators on the market today. Our selection of toolsincludes sponge blenders, silicone applicators and the best foundation brushes. These are designed to give you control over the amount of coverage as well as build upon and blend your full-coverage liquid foundation effortlessly. For the most natural full-coverage foundation look, make sure you blend well — particularly on the jawline, down your neck and around your ears. Nothing screams unnatural like a streak of unblended foundation. Give your finished look a second and third inspection in the best lighting available to make sure you’ve blended well.

Set It and Forget It

You’ve created a flawless look with the help of Dermacol SF’s skincare,primersand full-coverage foundations. So, make sure your look stays all day with our fixing powders and powder pearls. Whether you want to illuminate your skin, tone it, bronze it or just apply and invisible barrier of protection to enhance product staying power, our powders will provide the strength you need to get you through the demands of your day. 

Trust Dermacol SF

Let Dermacol SF help you achieve your best-ever skin and full-coverage foundation look with our selection of products that were developed by film studio experts and medical professionals to help all those who use our products put their best face forward.

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